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About The Drop

Do you have a shop?

The Drop does not have a shop, but we have lovely offices in Central London. We are an online company, which allows us to keep our prices so low for custom suits - as such, all our consultations are carried out via our online chat. All our suits are made on demand according to your measurements, so we don't have any stock/suits to try on.  

Can I come in for a consultation?  

We do not offer in person appointments before checkout - we are a totally online based company, which is what allows us to keep our prices so low, and as such, all our consultations are carried out online.  You are welcome to discuss the suit further at your fitting/measuring appointment after purchase, but in order to keep our prices competitive, it is online-only until that point. Drop us an email at if you have any questions.

How much do you charge for a custom suit?

Our prices are very straightforward. We charge £299 for any 2-piece suit (jacket and trousers) or £399 for a 3-piece suit (£199 jacket, £100 trousers, and £100 waistcoat). We do not have any size limitations, and do not charge extra for large sizes or customisations. This is the same for any suit, whether it be from our gallery, a picture you have sent in, or one you have discussed with a stylist.

Do you make suits for children? 

Yes, we do! Prices are £299 for a 2-piece, and £399 for a 3-piece


Fabrics & Customisations

How can I feel the fabrics? 

If you would like to view our fabrics, we ship one swatch for free, or send out up to 10 fabric swatches for £10, which is redeemable off the cost of a suit. If you choose to come in for fitting, you can view bigger samples of the fabric in our office. Speak to a stylist to order a swatch. 

Can you make a suit from a picture I’ve sent you? 

Any cut/style is generally no problem to replicate exactly, but we will need to match the fabric to one from our own range which you can view here. If you need assistance finding a close match, just use our online chat to speak to a stylist! Feel free to send us a picture of a suit using our instant chat in the bottom-right hand corner or email

What customisations do you offer? 

 Our key customisations are lining, embroidery (up to 2 lines on the inside of the suit jacket), and buttons, but absolutely anything you like about the suit is customisable and we can accommodate almost any request - feel free to send across a specification if you’ve been dreaming about that suit with exactly 4.5inch lapels!

I want to design my own suit, how does this process work? 

In terms of fabrics, speak to a stylist to request our lining, fabric, and button guides, so you can browse and select which you like the look of (we can send out samples, and your stylist can help you with this process). For cut/style, feel free to browse Pinterest or our style gallery for inspiration to find a style you like the look of. We can accommodate almost any request so feel free to send across a specification. Once you and your stylist have finalised the details, we will ask you to checkout using a custom 2-piece or 3-piece suit. 

Are the images on the gallery pictures of suits The Drop has actually made? 

The suits in our gallery are a mix of both images of suits customers have sent to us, asking to recreate, and images of customers wearing suits we have made - the idea is that we can make absolutely anything! Because our gallery is all user-generated images, we do not have multiple pictures of the suits. Images of suits that have been sent to us will be replicated as closely as possible to the image. The cut/style will be exact and the fabric we will match to our own range, which you can see by clicking on the fabric images. 

Are your suits fused or canvassed? 

Our suits are fused as standard however we can add a half-canvas interlining for an additional £75, or a full-canvas interlining for £100. What's a canvas interlining, you may be asking? It's a horsehair construction sewn between the fabric and the lining. It is flexible, so when you move, it moves with you. Over time, it moulds to your body shape which makes it more comfortable to wear and longer-lasting. Any questions, drop us an email to and our styling team would be very happy to help.


Sizing/Measuring & Fit Guarantee

Can I come in to get measured? 

Yes, if you wish to get measured, you will have the option to book in for a free fitting in our offices after purchase! In your purchase confirmation email will be a link to our available appointment times. 

Can I use measurements from a suit I own?

Definitely. Please specify that these are garment measurements when sending them.

Can I have this in a skinny/slim/classic fit? 

Yes! All our suit are custom-made to your measurements, so they can be made to fit however you would like. Once you’ve checked out, send a message to or send us a message using the chat in the bottom-right hand corner of the page (remember to leave your email) saying how you’d like it to fit. 

Do you have any stock or standard sizes? 

We don't have standard sizes - all our suits are custom-made from scratch to your measurements! Take a look at 

How does measuring work? 

After you complete your order, we will ask you to upload your measurements in your account here. You can view our measurements guide + videos to help you get those measurements spot on, and all measurements will be checked over by an experienced stylist. If you need a bit of extra help, you will have the option to book in for a free fitting in our offices after purchase! In your purchase confirmation email will be a link to our available appointment times. 

Click here for more information on the measuring process 

What if I measure incorrectly? 

All measurements are checked manually before being processed, so if anything looks too large/small, we will let you know and ask if you could take the measurement again. Having photos as well also helps with this, because we can estimate your measurements quite accurately from photos. 

What should I wear for photos? 

Whatever you would like, as long as your clothing is not baggy. We would recommend a t-shirt/shirt and trousers!

What is our perfect fit guarantee? 

The Drop will go to great lengths to ensure your suit fits you perfectly. With a three-step process of measurements (you can view our video guide here), photos, and a manual check of measurements by one of our stylists, we are confident the fit will be spot-on, but if there is anything that needs changing we will reimburse up to £35 of alterations (only 1 in 6 people take us up on this). 

We understand that everyone's perfect fit is personal, so let us know if you have any specific requests!

Do you accept returns?

As all of our suits are custom-made to your measurements and customisations, we do not accept returns unless there is an issue with the quality or fabrication of your suit that cannot be rectified by us with either alterations or a remake. We will go to great lengths to get the fit perfect for you, including reimbursing up to £35 of alterations and even remaking it for you if needed! 

What if alterations are needed? 

It is very normal with a bespoke suit to need some alterations, and if alterations are needed, we cover up to £35. We found that the quickest and most efficient way to sort this is for our customers to arrange for these locally - we can assist in finding a suitable place for alterations if needed. We ask for this to be done locally because it is significantly faster than being sent back to us, and also more accurate as you can explain to the tailor exactly what you would like altered and how - most will want you to try the garment on so they can pin where it needs altering.



How long will it take to receive my order? 

Once you have submitted your measurements, your suit will be delivered within 5 weeks. Receive your order in 3 weeks for an additional £50. 

What countries do you ship to?